4 books I recommend for a successful, healthy romantic relationship

#1 – Love & Relationships by Dr Emmerson Eggerichs

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This is NUMBER 1 on my list for a reason! Probably the best book I’ve ever read on healthy romantic relationships and understanding the differences between men and women (even better than, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’).

Dr Eggerichs highlights perfectly the needs of both men and women in relationships and what happens when each partner doesn’t get what they need. Not only that but he breaks down the specific things each partner needs to feel happy and fulfilled in a romantic relationship with key tips to help you actively show that love and respect!

He says that women need C.O.U.P.L.E, where are men need C.H.A.I.R.S. (see image for what the acronyms represent) obviously, Dr Eggerichs breaks down the importance of each word in his book.

I would recommend this book to anyone dating, though it’s focus is primarily for husbands and wives, it can still be applied to men and women who are dating or even due to get married.

#2 – Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Love languages are in my opinion crucial in showing your partner you love them in a way that they will receive it. As I’ve said in a previous post, it is not about how you want to show love, you can show love to others in the way you want to but it doesn’t necessarily mean they will feel loved by you!

Gary Chapman breaks down the five love languages into: Acts of Service, Gifts, Physical Touch, Quality Time and Words of Affirmation.

Everyone feels love differently and so this book helps you to identify what your own personal love language is so you can share with your partner who hopefully will show you love in that way!

Though the book itself has the quick test included, if you want to know right away then try the FREE online test here!

#3 – Boundaries in Dating by Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend

Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend are probably the best Psychologists in the business on talking about healthy relationships! Their information and discussions are invaluable and together they have co-written a number of books helping people develop healthy relationships with themselves and others.

This book is one out of a series from the Boundaries book they first published. Boundaries focuses mainly on the specific boundaries we should be focussing on during the dating/courtship stages of our romantic relationships. They break down the importance of creating and maintaining boundaries and the benefits of having healthy boundaries during the process of getting to know someone who may potentially be your future spouse. Highly recommend reading for everyone, but even more so if you struggle with setting and maintaining boundaries in your dating and personal life.

#4 – Safe People by Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend

This book has had a change of design on the cover but the content is the same! So I’ve provided links to book styles for you to go for the one you prefer!

Again as above, this is a spin of book by Psychologists Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend. This one, in my opinion complements the Boundaries in Dating book perfectly as it breaks down and describes the type of people you should be looking out for and setting boundaries with.

So many people in our world and broken and in need of healing which they either haven’t identified or refused to get help with. Though we should still have love for those people it might be that it is better from a distance. Not everyone is safe enough to be around you or in your life (until they get the help they need to be safer people) and so this book shows the specific traits and signs to look out for, the behaviour types and patterns that will help you identify if a person is relatively ‘safe’ or not.

Below is a list of the unsafe person verses the safe person from: https://www.olivemecounseling.com/blog/safepeople

So those are the four books I’d recommend to anyone who is dating or pursuing a healthy and successful realtionship. Hopefully this gives you more of an idea about each book and why I think they are all fantastic, but don’t take my word for it, go and read them yourselves! Click on the book images for the link to Amazon to purchase your own copy!

Let me know how you get on or if you’ve read any, let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments below! Happy reading 🙂 x

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